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Commission on Pseudoscience
at the Russian Academy of Sciences Expert Council

Memorandum №3
Astrology as Pseudoscience

This memorandum by the Commission on Pseudoscience at the Russian Academy of Sciences Expert Council announces that astrology has no scientific grounds.

Astrology has been considered the epitome of pseudoscience for centuries. However, many continue to believe that it holds scientific value and provides well-founded judgments about reality. This demonstrates the scale of obstacles faced by rational scientific thinking worldwide. A significant number of people continue to trust ideas whose falsehood has long been convincingly demonstrated.

On December 18, 2023, the Commission published a Memorandum titled «Astrology as Pseudoscience.» This new Commission Memorandum summarizes the main arguments against astrology and analyzes scientific data regarding the reasons for trusting it, despite its long-proven inadequacy. In its document, the Commission explains that astrology «does not meet the methodological requirements demanded of a scientific discipline,» and «experimental tests of astrologers’ claims yield negative results.»

«Through this memorandum, the Commission states that astrologers’ assertions about the connection between the positions of celestial bodies and the characteristics of a person’s personality and destiny lack scientific basis. Astrology may serve as entertainment, but if astrological claims and methods are presented as objective or scientific, they should be characterized as pseudoscientific.»

The full text of the Memorandum (in Russian) can be found here: http://klnran.ru/2023/12/memorandum-3-astrologija/.